Welcome to artisword

Welcome to artisword.

This website is first and foremost dedicated to creating and sharing a passion for art, igniting it through conversation and the exchange of ideas – through word.  Art is not always as simple as a brush stroke on canvas, and often contains much more than colour, shape or space. Throughout history, artists have been the first to boldly venture into controversial territory, to voice provocative opinions, and to push for change when society has yet to perceive its necessity. And the art itself – well, it is a societal barometer. It is also an anthropological document, a psychological record, and a political implement. It is an awareness initiator, mess maker, and idea generator.

This site is largely predicated upon the belief that art history and the art world is, and has always been, involved in a great game of The Emperor’s New Clothes.  It is what we, the viewers, the critics, and the population, choose to say about art that creates its value, because in so many ways art is idea, and art is communication.

I don’t know about you, but I find this under-acknowledged fact to be empowering, exhilarating, and liberating.  I hope you enjoy what you find here on artisword.


11 thoughts on “Welcome to artisword

  1. Excellent new site Nicole! Looking forward to learning more about art from your unique perspective – and seeing more of your own creations!

  2. Hey Nicole! this looks awesome. im looking forward to checking out your posts and having some great discussions!!!

    Love love love love daniella.

  3. Not only interesting perspectives on various art media, but fantastic paintings done by you Nicole. I can’t wait to share blog with my friends and family…..great start, keep sharing those articles and paintings.
    XOXO Auntie Joan

  4. Love the site! Bravo!!! I saw you had started following my site on twitter so I came to check you out. Damn, I’m the one that should be following you! And I will be.

    Art and Attitude,

    • Thanks for the complement!! Your site is fantastic – I was lucky to stumble upon your post about Weber’s massive marker murals, and discovered that there is a ton of other great stuff on there. Looking forward to seeing/hearing more from you!

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